Live It Youth

The teen years are some of the most exciting years of  life.  It’s marked by years of rapid growth.  Going into Jr. High and Sr. High also mark big steps in developing the mind in the classroom and gaining knowledge and developing physically with activities and sports.  Very little is done to develop spiritually.

In youth group, we want to take initiative to help develop young people spiritually giving a foundation to build upon for the rest of their lives and to make Godly decisions which affect today and the future.

Studies have shown that upward of 80% of adult believers accepted Christ as Lord before the age of 18.  We view the teenage years as a great mission field with teens being a bright light sharing Christ with their generation.  Much has been said about today’s youth with labels like Generation X and Millennial Generation.  We believe they are Generation Christ.

Our goals are threefold:

  1. to create a Christ-centered environment for young people who
    want to know more about God;
  2. to train and instruct teenagers in righteousness through precept
    and example; and,
  3. to prepare young people for leadership.