July 28, 2019 – Is Money The Answer?

July 28, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Acts 3:1-6; I Cor. 13:1-3; James 5:7 |

Pastor begins this morning talking about the mission statement of the church - People helping people, sharing Christ with the love of God.  The statement doesn't function at all without the last phrase - the love of God.  We can do and say a lot of things, but unless the love of God is the motivator behind what we do, it is worthless.  And we can't have the love of God without first developing a relationship with him.  No thing is of any importance, even money, without a relationship with God.  (Please note:  the first 26 seconds of the message are distorted.  Please bear with us for the first 26 seconds and we apologize for the poor quality.)