Sermon Series

Fundamental Truths

This series is on the fundamentals - the basics of our Christian faith. People are often looking for messages that go "deeper" or take them "higher" or they might call it "getting the real meat of the Word". But most fail to realize that it is the basic fundamental truths of Christianity that will get you through the storms and cares of life. Troubles will come. That is a sure thing. And when they do, you need a foundation that is solid, one that won't collapse under the pressures. And the only way to strengthen your foundation is to have a grasp on the basics of your faith.


Pastor Gary felt the Lord telling him it was time, once gain, to teach on healing. Healing is God's will. All sickness and all disease is from the devil and many people blame God. But God is a restorer, a bestower of blessing and a covenant God. And His will is for us to be healed and live in divine health. This is something we should build ourselves up on so we have foundation to stand on when the devil attacks.

Healing Authority

God's Word is clear that His will for us is healing. He has provided healing to us through His son Jesus. It takes faith, it takes believing in God's Word to experience healing, but it also takes an understanding. We need to understand the authority that Jesus had and then passed on to us. The Roman centurion saw and understood the authority in which Jesus ministered. He understood how everything seemed to be subject to His every Word. Pastor Gary begins this series he calls Healing Authority so we can clearly see the connection between healing, faith, and the authority of the believer.

Holy Spirit 101

The Holy Spirit was instrumental at the beginning of the church age and will be instrumental as we approach the end of the church age. Pastor Gary feels an urgency to tell the church to press in to the Holy Spirit in allowing Him to speak into our lives at this important time in the church.

Life In The Spirit

We live in the world. But the Bible tells us, as Christians, we are not of the world. We are human beings, with flesh and bone bodies. But we are also spiritual beings. And God is a Spirit, and it is through our spirits, or the spirit part of our being that we communicate with God and live in accordance with His Word. Pastor Gary is taking a few messages to explain our life in the Spirit.

Sound Doctrine

According to II Timothy 4:3, the day will come when people will not endure sound doctrine. A definition of endure is "to put up with". Sound means healthy, wholesome, correct. That would lead us to believe that there will be those who will attempt to bring teachings and doctrines that are not correct. And if the believer has not made the effort to get the word down in them, then they can be easily fooled by this false doctrine. These messages are designed to encourage you to stay built up in the Word of God, be strengthened by the Word and speak the Word so you can stand firm against false doctrine.

Spiritual Warfare

Pastor Gary is beginning a series on Spiritual Warfare because he feels it is important that the body of Christ be prepared for any spiritual battle that may arise against them in the new year. And if you know what weapons you have and how to use them, you can be protected against any spiritual battle the enemy wages against you.

The Anointing

The Anointing is a series that Pastor Gary believes the church needs to get hold of in these last days. The last days started with the day of Pentecost and will continue until the Lord returns for the church. Basically, the anointing is God's manifest presence in the life of a believer. It is what will get us to the finish line and enable us to run to the battle. You will enjoy this series.

The Shed Blood of Jesus Christ

Pastor Gary shares a short series on the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ and what it really means. It is especially relative as we are entering into the Easter Season. Don't miss these messages.