Funnies for Mom

Funnies for Mom

With Mother’s Day upon us, we wanted just the right Food For Thought to bring the mother’s out there (and anyone who’s been a kid) a smile to their deserving faces.  So, here are some mom jokes to brighten your day!  Have a very blessed!  Enjoy!

1.  What are the best flowers for Mother’s Day?                                       Mums
2.  What did the baby corn say to momma corn?                  Where’s Pop corn
3.  Why is a computer so smart?                           It listens to its mother board.
4.  What three words solves dad’s every problem?                  Ask your mom.
5.  Why do kangaroo mothers hate rainy days? Their kids have to play inside.

Nothing is really lost…. until mom can’t find it!

Silence is golden…unless you’re a mom, then silence is suspicious!

I put my symptoms into WebMD.  Turns out I just have kids.

I knew parenting would involve crying, but I didn’t know so much of it would be from me.

If at first you don’t succeed, do it the way your mom told you in the beginning.

Turns out..I do have a favorite kid.

Child:  Mom, was I in your tummy?
Mom:  Yep
Child:  Well who’s in there now?
Mom:  No one
Child:  Well then why is it so big?
Dad:   Oh no!